My name is Jean Ramsis.
You didnt know it?? OMG! How come?! 😀 Remember it well, cuz you wont find it a lot. I’m a Computer Sciences graduate that started to Un-Like computers and Re-Discover the artistic side within himself.

Multicultural, multilingual guy from Egypt. I speak French, English and of course Arabic. Trying to find my path in this wicked world, be happy and find The One. The girl, the only one who can fix the collapsed world of mine.

Mainly, I made this blog to show my view to the world. As a photographer, I found myself taking photos of what I see and find around with an artistic way that was never intended. Just registering my views to places, persons and animals around us. Learning to appreciate the world more and see the beauty hidden behind the ugliness of people and places.

I got my first SLR when I was 12. A beautiful and lovely Minolta SrT 101 with 35-70 mm lens. As a kid, I started fooling around with it, taking random pictures. I took it seriously during college years. Believe me or not, photography alongside with music helped me recovering my mind and inner self. Remembering me of who I am.

I like music and enjoy playing drums. Reading, experimenting, knowing new people and cultures are few of things I like.
I’m learning as I go. Life doesn’t deserve to be lived when we cannot enjoy it.
I’m just trying to make every seconds counts, make it worth living,

Thanks for stopping by :). Hope you now like the world more..


2 comments on “About”

  1. Off to a nice start, Jean!

    • Thanks a lot, Adam and hope you like the view 😀
      Well, just a quick question. I dont wanna look silly but I want to add more links and stuff to the current menu WITHOUT losing the archive link. If I make a custom menu, will I lose the archive link? Its very useful. I tried to make a custom menu but I cannot find “archive” link anywhere..
      Any help?
      Thanks a million Adam :D.. truly 🙂

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